Since becoming certified Master Neuro -Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners and working with clients, the first question we are usually asked goes something like, “What is that?” or “What does that mean?”.

Fair and valid questions, no doubt! At its core, let’s break it down. Nuero, from the Greek, means “nerves, nervous system and/or body” Linguistic – Latin for “tongue” and is commonly defined as the study of “language” Programming – this simply means “process”

So, NLP is the process of how we use language to communicate with ourselves and other people and to consistently achieve the results we are intentional about producing as we pursue our best lives. We like to say that NLP is the difference that makes the difference.

NLP is about producing excellence in any area of life including our careers, relationships, finances, free time, sales, sports, health, fitness, spirituality and any other area where improvement would make huge impact in our lives. As NLP Practitioners, one of the first actions we take is inviting our clients to give up fighting for their limitations.

If you are interested in learning more about what this means or how it may help you, sign up now for a discovery call. We would LOVE to find out if you are a good fit for our unique, results oriented coaching style!

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"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."

― Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot and Chrysler

What is NLP?

You may be wondering, "What is NLP?". We are glad you asked! Since becoming certified Master Neuro -Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners and working with clients, the first question we are usually asked...

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Leaders, business owners, coaches, consultants. We work with people like you, businesses, and individuals including athletes, actors, writers, and more, bringing mindful awareness to people potential and possibilities.




Co-Founder of 2POINT6 Coaching

Hello, I am Dan Singletary. I am a Board Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist, and a Master Success Coach. I am also an entrepreneur and I work with people like you who are looking to take their personal life, professional life, and business life to the next level. Many people try to change their circumstances without changing what is on the inside. The key is at an internal level. The difference between those that are successful and those who are not is not circumstances, not resources, it is mindset.It is what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. I can help you discover and unlock your greatest potential.. I use various techniques and success strategies to create empowered lives. I help people identify their internal resources, breakthrough limiting beliefs and eradicate negative emotions.  When you are ready to move beyond your limitations, I will work with you on a conscious and unconscious level to create empowering strategies and lasting change so you can live a limitless and extraordinary life!

Dan Singletary, MNLP, MCHT, MTLT

Certified by IBCP. Click to Verify.


  • Board Certified Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Board Certified Master Success Coaches

  • Certified Business Coaches and Business Consultants

  • Master TIME Practitioners

  • Board Certified Master Clincal Hypnotherapists


Co-Founder of 2POINT6 Coaching

    I am a Board Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and a Master Success Coach. My husband, Dan, and I began our Coaching and Consulting Business in 2020 and quickly became inspired and committed to this work as our clients experienced quick, impactful, often life changing results. It doesn’t matter if I’m working with a client on a goal of losing weight, working on their next promotion, designing a strategy to overcome a seemingly impossible situation, a business plan for a new business, evaluating and improving an existing business, or working through some self-limitations they’ve unintentionally set for themselves throughout their day to day lives; the results are breathtaking and I will never retire as long as I’m helping people – guiding them to use their own resources to reach their goals. My passion is working with people and business owners to help them realize their potential and step into their best selves and live their best lives. Be warned, working with Dan or I will take you out of your comfort zone and cause you to believe you can do all that you dream, and more! I cannot wait to meet you!

  • Theresa Singletary, M.Ed., MNLP, MCHT, MTLT

    Certified by IBCP. Click to Verify.

Why You Will Love Working With Us

Certified Specialists

We have hundreds of hours of training and practice. Because willpower alone is not enough, we use  advanced level tools, techniques and strategies from multiple disciplines to get you the results you need to create lasting change. 

Exceptional Service

We are committed to exceptional service. We guarantee each client will get the results they intended and we are so confident in your ability that we guarantee it. We will work with you until you accomplish your objectives.


We offer onsite coaching and consulting, as well as, virtual meetings. This allows us to work with people throughout the USA and the world. 


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